Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sailboats in Volendam Holland

A few more pictures of my sketchbook drawings from Volendam Holland. These three drawings were done around the little bay in Volendam, north of Amsterdam Holland. Take a look at all my travel sketchbook drawings from holland on my Roland Lee Art Gallery website.

Picture of a sketchbook drawing rom Volendam NetherlandsA variety of boats steadily came in and out of the little harbor at Volendam. From across the bay a string of store facades formed a nice backdrop to the scene. I sketched this scene from a small jetty that separated the little harbor from the bigger sea of Markemeer.

Typical Holland SailboatWhen we arrived at the bay in Volendam this big typical Holland sailboat was moving slowly out of the harbor. The mist was still on the water and the effect was almost ethereal.

Sailboat in Volendam Harbor on the MarkemeerWhat impressed me most was how the sailors could maneuver their boats into any available spot at the docks. Holland is famous for their seamanship skills and I got to see evidence of their skills firsthand all over Holland. these people love their boats.

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