Friday, April 29, 2005

Article in Artist's Magazine

This little sketchbook drawing of a church in Grundlsee Austria was done on location, and became a reference for the finished watercolor painting (below) done later in my studio. Both images were featured in "the Artist's Magazine" during April 2005 in an article I wrote titled, "Capturing Memories."

Click here to see the Artists Magazine article

Traveling with a Sketchbook

Watercolor Paintings by Roland Lee

Since we travel quite often, I thought I'd begin this blog to act as a kind of online travel journal. I keep a hardbound sketchbook on all my travels which is filled with pencil drawings and written notes about my experiences.

This is a pencil drawing done on location in St. Moritz Switzerland. It is an example of the kind of sketches I do while I travel. I am using a 6B pencil and a Watson-Guptil archival sketchbook. I like the hardbound books because they hold up better while traveling and pack easily into pocket or daypack.

We're looking forward to a 3-week journey to the Cook Islands in the South Pacific, and New Zealand during May. As I get to a computer I will post sketches of the trip.

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