Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Roland at Bryce Canyon Featured in Plein Air Today Article

An article about my exploits at Bryce Canyon National Park appeared in "Plein Air Today" a weekly online plein air magazine. Click here to read the article.

Roland Lee demonstrates plein air painting at Bryce Canyon National Park

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Best of Show at Utah Watercolor Society

I was thrilled to hear one of my paintings received Best of Show at the 2017 Utah Watercolor Society Small Works Exhibit held in Salt Lake City, UT. The show will remain on display at Michael Berry Gallery in Salt Lake City through August 11, 2017. The juror for the show is famed western watercolorist Don Weller. My good friend Ian Ramsay won the Award of Excellence.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Kids Enjoy Painting with Roland Lee at Bryce Canyon Festival

Artist Roland Lee with young plein air painters at Bryce Canyon National Park Geology Festival. Artists include: Kade, Zach, Sarah, Sam, Nate, Audrey, and Katelyn

We set up tables with watercolor paints, brushes, and paper during my plein air painting demonstrations out on the rim at Bryce Canyon National Park. Both adults and children went right to work and created their plein air interpretations of the vistas. What a fun way to spend the day.

Everyone got involved at Bryce Canyon Plein Air event painting with Roland Lee
Nate Lemon painted a portrait of my backside while I was painting.

The kids art table at Bryce Canyon National Park Geology Festival
Roland Lee with a budding young plein air painter

Sarah Power BFA from Indiana showed the kids how it's done
Todd Cullings with Nate Lemon who was very proud of his painting

Mom and son worked together on a painting

Wow! Adults got into the act as well. 
Jane Shepard, an accomplished painter and campground host did an awesome painting of the Bryce Hoodoos

Monday, July 17, 2017

Posters for Roland Lee Plein Air Presentations at Bryce Canyon National Park

Two great posters were created for the 2017 Bryce Canyon National Park Geology Festival. They include the schedule of events with included talks from Rebecca McKean and Roland Lee. Posters designed by Peter Densmore. The amazing illustrations were created by Jennifer Cullings.
Posters for 2017 Bryce Canyon Geology Festival featuring Rebecca McKean and Roland Lee

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Artist in Residence Bryce Canyon Geology Festival

Bryce Canyon Chief of Interpretation Kathleen Gonder and artist Roland Lee

Roland Lee plein air watercolor painting at Bryce Canyon Geology Festival

Roland Lee giving a plein air painting demonstration on the rim at Bryce Canyon.
It was a busy, but enjoyable time this past week as a guest artist for the Bryce Canyon National Park's annual Geology Festival. I presented live plein air watercolor painting demonstrations on the rim at Sunset and Inspiration Points on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, as well as giving two talks with powerpoints on Friday and Saturday afternoons. Thanks to the Bryce Canyon Natural History Association for organizing the event along with Rangers Todd Cummings and Peter Densmore who assisted each day with my demos, and to Chief of Interpretation Kathleen Gonder who joined us out on the rim.

Ranger Todd Cullings talks about the Bryce geology during my plein air demo.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Plein Air Presentation at Bryce Canyon This Week

Headed to Bryce Canyon National Park for the annual Geology Festival. I will be a presenting artist and do several outdoor painting demonstrations and two talks. See the schedule below.
Roland Lee painting at Bryce Canyon National Park for Geology Festival

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Collectors Purchase new Plein Air Paintings at Chasing Light show

It was great to see past collectors and meet new ones at the Chasing Light Plein Air event. Co-sponsored by Cedar Breaks National Monument and Southern Utah Art Museum, the event featured 15 painters working outdoors all week in Cedar Breaks and Kolob Canyons, Zion National Park. A gala event was held featuring a wet paint show and sale at the end of the week.
I was pleased to have the Nymans purchase a painting for their collection

Laura Cotts purchased a Roland Lee watercolor

The Coughtry's added another Roland Lee painting to their collection at the Chasing Light Plein Air gala 
13 of the 15 artists participating in the SUMA Chasing Light Plein Air event. Back; Roland Lee, Brad Holt, Arlene Braithwaite, Ellie Williams, Valerie Orlemann, Mary Jabens, Rachel Petitt, Bruce Gomez, Front: Doug Braithwaite, Michelle Condrat, George Handrahan, Susie Hyer, Cody DeLong. Missing: Bonnie Posselli and Royden Card.

Painting with the grandkids

It was fun to have some of my grandkids stop by the SUMA Chasing Light plein air event in Cedar City Utah. After painting for a week outdoors, all 15 artists did painting demos on Saturday at the Southern Utah Museum of Art on the campus of Southern Utah University.
Roland and Nellie Lee with grandkids, Keenan, Kade, Zach, Sarah, and Sam 

Roland Lee demonstrates watercolor for his grandaughter Sarah at the SUMA Chasing Light plein Air event.

Sarah Simmons gets a turn working on Roland Lee's painting

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Plein Air Painting at Cedar Breaks and Kolob Canyons

Lots of new plein air paintings came out of the SUMA Chasing Light Plein Air event. 15 artists painted outdoors in both Cedar Breaks National Monument as well as the Kolob Canyons section of Zion National Park.
Roland Lee plein air painting at Cedar Breaks

Sunset View overlook at Cedar Breaks National Monument

Evening painting at Kolob Canyons in Zion National Park

Demonstration painting for the SUMA plein air invitational

Painting in progress at Kolob Canyons

Painting along side my trusty art assault vehicle a 1988 Toyota pickup with Six Pac camper

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Paintings Sold at Maynard Dixon Campout

In spite of the high temperatures and dusky skies from the Brian Head fire, the Maynard Dixon Campout turned out great. We saw some great demonstrations and painted shoulder to shoulder with some terrific plein air artists. I was happy to meet several new collectors including Don Freitas and Darci Quane who purchased two paintings, "Don't Fence Me In," and "Vermillion Cliffs"  and Lucy and Eric Esplin who purchased a plein air piece called "Up the Muddy."
Roland Lee and Lucy Esplin at the Maynard Dixon Campout

Roland Lee plein air paintings at the 2017 Maynard Dixon campout

Roland Lee with Darci Quane and Don Freitas at the Maynard Dixon Campout. They purchased "Don't Fence Me in."

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Headed for the Maynard Dixon Campout

Jeff Pugh, Gary Ernest Smith, and Roland Lee at the 2016 Maynard Dixon Campout
Getting ready to head out to the Maynard Dixon Campout put on by Paul and Susan Bingham of the Thunderbird Foundation. Headquartered each summer at the Maynard Dixon's home and studio at Mt. Carmel UT, the event brings together some of the best plein air painters in America for four days of seminars, presentations, demos, and outdoor painting near East Zion. The week concludes with a casual "wet paint" show and sale of artists work. Click for more information.
Participating Artists include:

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Great Master Class with Classy Artists

I was joined in my studio classroom for a "Master Class" with five outstanding artists yesterday and today. Such a thrill to work with such inspired artists. We truly learn a lot from each other.
Roland Lee, Margo Cook, Myron Laub, Sally Valitan, and Connie Madsen

Mark Rose, Shari Cannon, Sally Valitan, and Connie Madsen

New Paintings of Zion Narrows

I've been working on some studio paintings of the Zion Narrows from photos I took. What a beautiful place that is. My favorite is to hike up from the bottom as far as Orderville Canyon, then back out again. The colors on the canyon walls are just amazing, being intensified by the reflecting light from side to side. All that above, with some strong reflections in the water below, make for a very colorful hike. However, the older I get the harder it is to hike on slime-covered bowling balls while freezing-cold knee-deep rushing water incessantly tries to push you backwards. But the view is certainly worth it.
Zion Narrows 10 x 14 Watercolor by Roland Lee

Monday, May 08, 2017

Winners at Utah Watercolor Society Spring Exhibition

I was pleased to receive an Award of Merit at the 2017 Spring exhibition of the Utah Watercolor Society. The show is on exhibit at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center May 3 through June 29. My painting "Navajo Loop Trail" was given the award.
My daughter Jennie Lee receives my award in my absence.
Award Winners:
Best of Show - 
Sisters - Irene Rampton
Award of Excellence -
Old School - Colleen Reynolds
 Evolution - Kathy Sutherland
Award of Merit -
Chilling in the Grass - Lori Burchinal
She’s Tenacious - Mary Pusey
Navajo Loop Trail - Roland Lee
Juror’s Award - 
 - Angela Kotter
Remnant - Debra Makoff
Quoth the Raven - Roxane Pfister
Rte 66 Mirage - Ann Galt
Past President’s Award -
Gooseneck Point - Chariya Ernst
Merchant Award -
Autumn Meadow - Lucy Beale Partridge
Night Dancing - Linda Flannery
London Rainy Day - Kristi Grussendorf
Mi Casa - Lynda Burrus
Still Life, Still Dieting - Angela Kotter

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Spring Plein Air Watercolor Workshop at Mt. Carmel

Jon Lee painting the Mt. Carmel Cliffs

Really fun time at my watercolor workshop this week. We headquartered at the Orderville Events Center with a beautiful classroom facility and did plein air painting in the Mt. Carmel/East Zion/Bryce areas. We enjoyed painting in the steps of Maynard Dixon and Milford Zornes and were able to tour the Maynard Dixon home and studio thanks to the graciousness of Paul and Susan Bingham.

Classroom at the Orderville North Events Center
Workshop participants included: Kathy McFadden, Nannette Child, Linda Miller, Barbara Prestwich, Mark Rose, Micki Hutchinson, JoAnn Hall, Summer Stratton, Nancy Thompson, Pat Christensen, Max Lee and Jon Lee
Kathy McFadden plein air painting

Hard at work

Nanette Child and Micki Hutchinson work on their paintings

Mark Rose painting outdoors

Barbara Prestwich plein air painting at workshop 

Summer Stratton shows off watercolor painting

Micki Hutchinson at work in Orderville Utah

Max Lee working on his sketchbook

Pat Christensen finds a shady spot to paint
Susan Bingham takes us on a tour of the Maynard Dixon property in Mt. Carmel Utah

Linda Miller does a sketchbook study

JoAnn Hall and Jon Lee painting en plein air

Nancy Thompson finds a shady spot to sketch