Sunday, February 17, 2019

Dixie Watercolor Society Spring 2019 Show

Congratulations to my good artist friends who participated in the Dixie Watercolor Society Spring Show. Last night at the reception and awards ceremony Karen Bettilyon won Best of Show while Sean Rowley picked up First Place. I have enjoyed painting with both of them for many years. They are quality painters. The show remains on display at Gallery 35 in St. George, UT through Feb 23. Click here for all awards. See more awards below:

Sean Rowley won First Place in the DWS Spring 2019 Show
Best of Show:

Karen Bettilyon for “Fence Line”


First Place:  Sean Rowley for “Morning Light on Morro Bay”
Second Place:  Myron Laub for “Morning Fog – Big Sur”
Third Place:  Bill Sherwin for “Chief Weasel Tail”

Honorable Mention:
Eddie Malloy for “Bouquet”
Jan Bown for “Visiting Redwall Cavern – Grand Canyon”
Shari Cannon for “Jazz Drummer”
Glenda Caskey for “Pathway to the Beach”


First Place:  Carole Foster for “Mistral and Indigo”
Second Place:  Ray Pittman for “Kestrel”
Third Place:  Maureen Booth for “My Dream House:

Honorable Mention:
Jan Hansen for “Musical Akashic Record”
Daphne Schroth for “Kayenta Quail”
Mike Tabor for “Wise One”
Deb Carter for “Kristen Lost in Thought”
Jean Mooney for “Cool Sun at Bear Creek”

Maureen Booth has been Vice President for four years.  She is the work behind the DWS Shows and has done eight of them!  We are indebted to Maureen for her special touches, organization, willingness to put notice of our shows out to the public, and her efforts to ensure the Shows are a success.  She has been a valued Board Member and great friend.  Thank you, Maureen!

Karen Bettilyon
DWS Membership and Communication 

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Goodbye to James Asher

I was saddened to learn fellow watercolorist James Asher passed away last week after battling cancer. He was a huge influence on me in my beginning days of watercolor painting. I remember seeing his work in an art magazine back in 1979, and studying it for a long time. His detailed style was very unusual and gave me renewed hope for the medium. It was good to see he and his sweet wife Joe Anna Arnett last year at the Milford Zornes Retreat. I enjoyed listening while they swapped stories of the early days. Rest in peace Jim!
l to r: Spike Ress,  James Asher, Sue Cotter, Joe Anna Arnett, Roland Lee

James Asher at the Milford Zornes Retreat

Roland Lee and James Asher at the Maynard Dixon Property in Mt. Carmel Utah

Thursday, February 07, 2019

History of Southern Utah Presentation

I was invited to speak this evening at Dixie State University by the Institute for Continued Learning. My topic was "A Brush with History - Southern Utah's History in Art." I prepared a keynote presentation using my historic sketches and paintings through the years. We had a packed house of about 100 in the audience. My artist friend Mary Manning shot this photo of historian and former University president Doug Alder chatting after the presentation.
Former DSU President and historian Douglas Alder and Roland Lee 
Roland Lee giving presentation to ICL group at Dixie State University

Monday, February 04, 2019

Autumn Leaves and Winter Snow Workshop

Meg Mitragotri, from the Bay area, with her class paintings
Becky Whitney of A Passion for Painting Studio opened her classroom for a two-day Roland Lee watercolor workshop. We had eight wonderful artists attend the class. They included: Karen Bettilyon, Randy Peterson, Mark Gamet, Audrey Heaton, Meghana Mitragotri, Jackie Lahee, Cathy Kirby, and Karen. Our painting subjects included applying aerial perspective to snow scenes, along with wet into wet applications for multiple pigments in the sky and snow, and using negative painting on the trees. Their paintings were very good. We also worked on the same techniques as they applied to autumn foliage. I have posted my classroom demonstration paintings here.

Roland Lee workshop demonstration painting "Autumn at the Lake"
Collection Karen Bettilyon

Roland Lee workshop demonstration painting "Winter Snow"
Collection Randy Peterson

February 2019 Master Class

Feb 2019 Roland Lee master class in his studio classroom
My monthly master class included Karen Bettilyon, Mark Rose, Shari Cannon, and Connie Madsen. I've enjoyed teaching these artists for many years, and we've become good friends. The instruction portion of this class included the importance of identifying form and cast shadows, as well as a slide presentation on some of my favorite watercolor artists.

Roland Lee Feb 2019 Master Class l to r: Shari Cannon, Roland Lee, Karen Bettilyon, Mark Rose, Connie Madsen

Sunday, February 03, 2019

Weavers present creative fabric Show

I have to admit that I love all the art forms as much as I enjoy watercolor painting. My own collection of sculpture, pottery, wood carvings, baskets, woven rugs and wall hangings barely fits in my home and gallery. So with that in mind, you can understand why I came home with four new hand-woven creations from a recent collaborative show called "Fiber Galore - Weaving and other Fiber Arts" held at the Red Cliffs Art Gallery. Sponsored by the St. George Weaving Studio, with contributions from other weaving groups, the huge show presented an amazing variety of quality creations. Thanks to my good friend Sandra Sandburg, who has been mentoring weavers for years, and Doni Pack who was kind enough to sell me a couple of great weavings.

Roland Lee poses with Doni Pack in front of two of the weavings he purchased from her at the Fiber Galore show sponsored by the St. George Weaving Studio

Friday, January 25, 2019

New Home for "Glorious Morn" Alaska Painting

Thanks to Randy Peterson for adding "Glorious Morn" a watercolor painting of Alaska to his art collection. This is Randy's third Roland Lee original painting. Glorious Morn won a top award from the Utah Watercolor Society in 2018. Randy is also a competent watercolor painter and has taken a workshop from me.

Randy Peterson and his new Roland Lee acquisition, "Glorious Morn"

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Arts to Zion Studio Tour

I invited my good friend and artist Royden Card to share my studio space during the 2019 Arts to Zion Studio Tour. His vivid acrylic landscapes and fascinating woodcuts were a great combination with my watercolor paintings. We had a great turnout and enjoyed visiting with the collectors during the Martin Luther King weekend.

Artists Roland Lee and Royden Card at the Roland Lee Studio during the 2019 Arts to Zion Studio Tour 
Royden Card
Roland Lee Studio
Royden Card with Woodcut materials

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

"Famous" Grafton Schoolhouse Painting Finds a New Home

A little plein air painting of the old Grafton Schoolhouse, which was featured in Plein Air magazine's "Postcards from the Road" page, has found a new home. Architect Eric Roberts from Nevada, an accomplished watercolorist in his own right, visited my studio and had to have the painting. You  can read about the painting in the September/October issue of Plein Air Magazine and in American Watercolor Weekly.
Grafton Schoolhouse plein air painting by Roland Lee

Thursday, January 10, 2019

"River Boulders" Zion painting of Virgin River Sold to the Halls

Thanks to Ken, Dianne and Rebecca Hall who visited my gallery today and left with both a print and an original painting. They purchased "River Boulders" a painting of the Virgin River in Zion National Park and "Angels Above, Heaven Below" a giclee limited edition print of Zion. The paintings will decorate Ken's office as the director of MBA programs at Southern Utah University.
The Halls purchase Roland Lee paintings of Zion National Park