Saturday, April 28, 2012

Painting Southern Utah's Red Rocks

painting Southern Utah's red rocks was the subject of my latest watercolor workshop in St. George, Utah. 12 very good artists signed up for the two-day class which concentrated on using the unique characteristics of watercolor to define the shape and form of the red cliffs.
This demonstration showed how to establish texture and variety in the rock surface by using "scumbling." As initial glazes are painted, the artist lays a loaded round brush on its side and lightly brushes the butt end near the ferule across the paper surface. The courseness of the paper creates the textural effects which are perfect for weathered rock surfaces.
In the next class demonstration we explore a few more techniques to define the mass and form. As the light side of the rock turns to the core shadow side both the value and temperature of the color changes. The shadow is darkest at the turn and becomes lighter and warmer as reflected light bounces onto the core shadow side. The Darkest values and coolest colors happen in the cast shadows which pick up light from the blue sky.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Drawing Workshop for Arizona High Schools

About 40 students from two high schools gathered for the workshop

I was invited to teach a drawing workshop to students at Centennial Park Arizona last week. My friends, LuAnn Williams, art teacher at El Capitan High School and Daniel Zitting, art teacher at Centennial Park High School combined their art students for the special workshop. About 40 talented and enthusiastic students showed up with their sketch pads and pencils and were eager to go to work. We started with a powerpoint at the school, where I talked to them about some drawing fundamentals. Then we boarded a school bus for a field trip to Maxwell Park at the foot of some spectacular red cliffs. A rain storm let loose as we were unloading, but it didn't deter the students who sought shelter in an alcove and started sketching anyway. The rain veiled the cliffs but added drama to the afternoon.
A heavy rainstorm veiled the beautiful cliffs at Maxwell Park
Tucked safely in an alcove the students went to work on their drawings
Daniel Zitting (left) and LuAnn Williams (right with student) are both fine artists as well as great teachers

Thursday, April 12, 2012

St. George Art Festival First Place Award

My new 20-foot long tent served us well this year

"Sinawava Silence" received two First Place awards at this years show
We enjoyed two days of sunny St. George weather Easter weekend at the St. George Art Festival. Over 110 artists participated and I was fortunate to receive both First Place in Watercolor and First Place in the Two-dimensional art categories. This was the first time I exhibited the award-winning painting "Sinawava Silence," a pastoral river scene in Zion National Park. We also sold several other originals, lots of prints, and all the art cards we had with us. So it was a successful event all around. What is the most fun, is seeing previous collectors and many friends from past shows, plus all my delightful kids and grandkids were there to help me. Literally thousands of people flock to the show annually which is held in the St. George Town Square.
My three granddaughters sketching at my booth

My friend, Randy Paul, and I pose in front of my award winning painting