Monday, June 23, 2008

Traditional Dutch Clothing and Dutch Girl Hats

Jodi and Zach Simmons in Dutch ClothingJodi and Zach dress up Dutch right down to the traditional wooden shoes.

While we were in the Netherlands Nellie and her sisters collected a few Dutch girl caps, aprons, and other Dutch regalia in preparation for a planned "Dutch Girl Camp" for all the cousins and granddaughters. So on Saturday our home was inundated with blond-headed girls in full Dutch costumes including authentic wooden shoes. They made traditional Dutch goodies, Dutch crafts, and ended up with a photo shoot. By the way, Nellie painted the wooden Dutch Windmill in the photos to match the Molen in Tholen Zeeland Netherlands where many of her ancestors lived.

Photo of traditional dutch clothingJennie, Ellie, Emma, and Josh all decked out in Dutch regalia.

Photo of girls in Dutch costumesJolynn, Alyssa, and Hannah standing by an authentic replica of the "Tholen" Windmill in Zeeland.

Dressing up in home made Dutch costumesBarb and Kelsey look grand in their Dutch girl clothing.

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