Thursday, June 09, 2005

Sketching around our cabin in East Zion

Click here to see an album of sketches done this week in Zion

This album includes sketches I did a few days ago at the Ponderosa area on the east rim of Zion National Park. We have a cabin there where we spend a lot of time in the summers. I always take my sketchbook and try to do some sketching.

Photo of a black bear in Zion National Park

On this trip to the cabin we found things were not entirely in order. Upon closer examination we discovered a black bear had visited our cabin and demolished our barbeque grill. He then left a deposit to let us know he'd been there. I've started whistling real loud on my hikes around the cabin these days.

Paintings by Roland Lee of Zion National Park

Although I sketch mainly for fun, many of my drawings end up as finished watercolor paintings. This painting is of the Sentinel in Zion Canyon. Click on this link to view my complete gallery of Zion National Park Paintings.