Saturday, June 28, 2008

Paintings of Dutch Windmills

St. Maartensdijk Molen windmill in HollandI've spent the last two weeks working on some new paintings of Windmills in Holland. I started with small watercolor studies of some of my favorite windmills we visited in the Netherlands and I'm now working on a couple of big watercolor landscape paintings of Holland.

This painting is of a windmill in Sint Maartensdijk on the island of Tholen in Zeeland. I visited this windmill a couple of times to get some photos and sketchbook reference. All the windmills were bigger than I expected and the big wings are really something to see when they start turning. The lattice work that you see on most photos of windmills actually supports the canvas sails which are stretched out across them to catch the wind. Without the sails the wings won't turn.

click here for more information on painting of St. Maartensdijk Dutch Windmill

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