Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Watercolor painting of European Mountain Village

roland Lee painting of European village scene

Sketchbook Study for Mountain Village painting by Roland LeeContinuing the series of European Village scenes, I referred back to my sketchbooks from a trip to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland to come up with this painting of a typical mountain village. I wanted to capture the feel of early morning light cresting the ridge and falling across the town, a scene I encountered in my early morning walks through the European countryside.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Castle Purchased by a Prince

Roland Lee watercolor painting of Swiss Castle Schloss Rietberg

It sounds like a storybook ending. My good friends and art collectors Karianne and Jeff Prince stopped by the gallery over the weekend and added a "Castle" to their collection. Actually it was my newest painting of Schloss Rietberg, a Castle in Switzerland that they walked away with. Jeff had spent two years in Switzerland as an LDS missionary and has a great love for Switzerland, as I do. Thanks Jeff and Karianne.Schloss Rietberg painting of Switzerland Castle

My Watercolor Palette

Roland Lee Watercolor Palette

I have had numerous requests from both websites about my watercolor palette. Since the term "palette" refers to both the surface you mix paint on, as well as the pigments used, I decided to post both here. I use Daniel Smith paints almost exclusively, with Windsor and Newton mixed in. You can see the paint layout on my palettes below. The palettes themselves are Eldajon palettes which I buy from Dick Blick and have used them for over 30 years. However it appears they are no longer available from the manufacturer, and are limited to only the supplies currently on hand in the supply houses. By the way if you are going to order anythng from Dick Blick do it from my website and I get a little kick-back from them (Buy something really expensive.)Click here for a catalog or to order online: Blick Art Materials

Friday, September 14, 2007

Mission Gallery Group Show

Photo of The Mission Gallery in St. George Utah

Jane Juber of Mission Gallery hosted a special appreciation dinner with gallery artists and collectors the last two evenings, followed by a public open house and exhibit tonight. Nearly all of the gallery artists were present and as always it was fun to visit with everyone. I shared the gallery space with prominent Utah landscape painter Robert Call, and amazing wood sculptor Darwin Dower.

Roland and sculptor Darwin Dower at the Mission Gallery show in St. George, Utah. Darwin purchased one of my paintings at the show.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Watercolor Painting of Market Day at Sedbergh

Roland Lee watercolor painting of St. Andrews Church on a market day in Sedbergh

The past couple of weeks I have dipped into my sketchbooks to complete a few paintings from my trips to Europe and Great Britain. We have been to England several times and dearly love the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District areas of this wonderful country. On several occasions we have enjoyed staying with our friends the Hartleys at their lovely home in High Branthwaite. It is about a mile from the little town of Sedbergh in the Yorkshire Dales. In some respects the town appears as it has for hundreds of years. we especially like being there on market day in the little square next to St. Andrews church. On this particular day a morning rain had fallen bringing a fresh crispness to the air.Roland Lee sketchbook drawing of St. Andrews Church in Sedbergh, Cumbria, Yorkshire Dales, England

This is a travel sketchbook drawing of the St. Andrews Parish Church done on location in Sedbergh, Cumbria, England. This old church is the backdrop for the painting of market Day in Sedbergh above.

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