Monday, August 30, 2010

Clyde Aspevig guest artist at Maynard Dixon Country Plein Air Invitational

Gallery owner Paul Bingham introduces noted landscape artist Clyde Aspevig at the Maynard Dixon Country Plein Air event at Mt. Carmel Utah

We enjoyed spending a little time with some great artists at the Maynard Dixon Plein Air Invitational last weekend. The event, sponsored by the Thunderbird foundation and Paul and Susan Bingham's Art Gallery, annually hosts some of the most recognized outdoor landscape painters in the west. This year noted landscapist Clyde Aspevig was guest artists and presented a painting demo and lecture that was enlightening and entertaining. He spoke of "land snorkeling" a term he coined to describe looking at nature up close and painting the intimate beauty of the landscape rather than just the big panorama. What a treat to join with other artists and art collectors to watch him work up a small landscape.

Anyone familiar with Maynard Dixon's paintings will recognize this famous thunderbird symbol silhouetted against a typical Dixon cloud-filled sky.

Artist Craig Fetzer (left) chats with fellow artists Spike Ress and Sue Cotter in front of the "wet painting" wall at the Maynard Dixon Country Plein Air art show