Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Desert Reflections Watercolor Painting

Roland Lee watercolor painting of Ivins Reservoir Kayenta

Roland Lee watercolor painting of Ivins Reservoir Kayenta

I put the finishing touches on a painting of Ivins Reservoir today. It's a place I love to visit and paint. A tiny reservoir in the middle of the desert at Kayenta, Utah. It's too small for skiing, only sometimes fishable, and a haven for migrating waterfowl at certain times of the year. But the amazing thing is the reflections of the red cliffs and yellow cottonwoods in the fall. Just right for watercolor!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Rio Virgin in Zion Canyon

Painting of Virgin River in Zion Canyon by Roland Lee

Fall is a glorious time at Zion National Park. The already spectacular scenery is brightened by the display of yellow cottonwoods and red oaks. The Virgin River wanders peacefully through Zion Canyon at this time of year and the banks and water are strewn with colored leaves. The crowds are gone and the whole place is wonderful! This painting will be part of my one man show in March at the St. George Art Museum. "Rio Virgin in Zion" 21 x 29. Purchase information

Friday, January 26, 2007

New painting of Zion National Park

Roland Lee painting of Zion National Park,5 minutes of Fame, 12 x 29

The subject of this painting is a relatively insignificant cliff formation in Zion. I'm not even sure this particular spot has a name. But anyplace in Zion becomes a star when the lighting is right. My favorite time in Zion National Park is the end of the day when the cliffs catch on fire and even a rockface becomes a star for a few minutes. "5 minutes of Fame," watercolor by Roland Lee, 19" x 29." Purchase Information

Demonstration Roland Lee painting of Zion National Park,5 minutes of Fame, 12 x 29

Demonstration Roland Lee painting of Zion National Park,5 minutes of Fame, 12 x 29

Demonstration Roland Lee painting of Zion National Park,5 minutes of Fame, 12 x 29

Watercolor Painting of Lake Powell Panorama

Lake Powell Panorama painting by Roland Lee

While attending a painting workshop with David Drummond at Lake Powell we experienced an incredible three day rainstorm that wreaked havoc on the lake. However when it finally passed, the air was clear and you could see forever. I painted the panorama above from photos I shot near Wahweap. I was standing on a high ridge overlooking the bay as the sun shot its last rays across the water. The distant cliffs turned many colors as the light danced across them, and the shadows told the story in various hues of purple and blue. The still water glowed pink from the reflections of the warm rocks above. Purchase Information

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sagebrush Serenade - Painting of Kayenta Sage and Sand

Sagebrush Serenade - original watercolor painting by Roland Lee of Kayenta

I sent off five new paintings to the framer today - all landscapes. I will exhibit a couple of the big ones next week at the Mission Gallery show. The others will be back in time for my one-man show at the St. George Art Museum. "Sagebrush Serenade" (above) is a huge painting of old man sage in the red sands at Kayenta, Utah.Purchase Information

Step by step painting technique of Roland Lee. Watercolor of Kayenta Utah

I begin the painting with a pencil sketch on Arches watercolor paper, then lay in loose washes of color. I will build up the values with glazes or washes of color, refining the detail as I go.

Roland Lee painting of Kayenta, Utah

At this stage I continue the washes, being careful to keep the glazes thin and transparent.

Roland Lee watercolor painting of Kayenta Utah

At this point I have tightened up the shapes of the mountains and defined the shadows. Notice how the shadows become bluer and lighter in value on the distant cliffs. That is an effect of aerial perspective.

Lake Powell Painting of Moki Canyon

Moki Canyon painting by Roland Lee at Lake Powell

Last fall I had the good fortune to study with noted watercolorist David Drummond at Lake Powell. In "Meandering in Moki Canyon" (above) I borrowed a fun technique he uses for reflections in smooth water. Purchase Information

Moki Canyon watercolor painting by Roland Lee at Lake Powell

Using a photo I shot at Lake Powell, I developed a thumbnail value study then altered the scene to create more interest.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Replacing my trusty digital camera

My Konica-Minolta X-50 digital camera travels in my pocket all over the worldI haven't posted any pictures for awhile because my digital camera was demolished by my little grandson Max. But I was able to pick up a replacement on e-Bay so I'm back in business. My trusty little Konica-Minolta Dimage x-50 has travelled with me all over the world. The new camera is exactly like the old one, only in a perfect resurrected state. It feels the same, but the screen is clean and clear, it has no dents and bruises, and works perfectly--it's a miracle! So now I'll start posting pics again of my latest paintings.

Photo of my little grandson Max Lee

Now what grandpa could resist a face like this? "Sure Max, you can play with my camera. Aw, he can't hurt it. Oops!"

Saturday, January 13, 2007

My Newest Collector

Art collector and artist Carrie Ruppe from Vernal Utah purchased the original roland Lee painting of George Washingtons Headquarters at Valley Forge
My newest collector, Carrie Ruppe from Vernal Utah battled a winter storm to come down to St. George and purchase a painting, "George Washington's Headquarters at Valley Forge." She is also a very good artist and has had her eye on this piece for a couple of weeks. She had purchased another painting on my web site, but it had previously sold but was not marked as sold on the web site. Naturally she was very disappointed, and I was red in the face over the mistake. However, she found another that she is equally happy with and is pleased to have a painting that was juried into the 2006 Arts for the Parks Top 100.

Library Murals Unveiled Today

Roland Lee with library muralAfter a two-week delay, the murals I painted for the Washington County Library were finally hung and opened for public view today. I am pleased with them and hope the community enjoys them as well. A dedication will take place on February 19 at 10:00am at the Library. Photo of new Washington County Library

Friday, January 12, 2007

Roland Lee January Watercolor Workshop

I've just enjoyed two days conducting a watercolor workshop for some very talented artists. Since this was an upper level class for experienced artists I had a chance to share some of the "really good stuff." All the students proved equal to the task and we had some great paintings at the critique today.

Here is a photo of the happy crew filled with watercolor knowledge and ready to go! Thanks to gallery owner, Becky Whitney for taking the photo. 1st row: Shari Cannon, Karen Bettilyon. 2nd row: Carrie Ruppe, Joy Mitchell, Gian Ferrari, Roma Knudsen, Luzon Glines. Back row: Roland Lee, Glen Bessonette.

Roland Lee watercolor painting workshop

We will be holding two more workshops at Passion for Painting in St. George, Utah this spring. Click here for more information on other workshops.

Mesquite Artists group Presentation
On January 5 I presented a Powerpoint demonstration " From Sketches to Paintings" to the Virgin Valley Artists Organization. A good group of active artists was present at the event organzed by Diana Coondradt. Their meeting facility is wonderful and includes a large permanent gallery space. It's one of the nicest community artist spaces I've seen.