Sunday, June 08, 2008

Farewell to the Windmills of Holland

Photo of Holland windmillBicycles, windmills, and water -- we won't soon forget Holland.

Well, we're finally back home in Utah and trying to adjust to the time. It's always a sad farewell when our trips come to an end. But My head is loaded with memories, and my travel sketchbooks are full of drawings -- now it's time to paint.

We spent 24 hours on the road and got in very early this morning. We flew out of Gatwick to Atlanta where we cleared customs and had to change planes. Kind of an ordeal because of the long security lines. We also had to retrieve and re-check our baggage. Nellie's suitcase had exploded and we had to tie it up with rope. From Atlanta to Los Angeles and then via United commuter into St. George where we were (as always) surprised to see that our luggage had made all the connections too. We got home at 1am and crashed. It's such a contrast between the deep greens of Holland and the desert reds of St. George, but it's good to be home.
Roland and Nellie under the wooden shoes in the open air folk museum in Arnhem.

Nellie, Barb and Tricia wear the bright orange colors of the Holland soccer team.
Enjoying Pannenkoeken at a local pancake house.
Nellie grabs the pruning shears and gives a demonstration for the gardeners at the Royal Palace in Apeldoorn.
Barbara relaxes with a handsome guy she met at the Palace

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  1. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Roland and Nellie, What a fantastic trip for you!!! Thank you for sharing. Carrie--student from Vernal