Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Dove Cottage in Grasmere England

"The Dove Cottage" in Grasmere England 8x 12 watercolor painting
On-location pencil sketch of the Dove Cottage

All of my pencil sketchbook studies help me more completely explore and experience what I see when I travel. After sketching on location I find I can remember the scene enough to paint without reference later. Of course this gives me lots of freedom to use artistic license. This little drawing of William Wordsworth's home in Grasmere England helped me to complete the above watercolor painting in my studio after returning home. My paintings and drawings from this summer trip will be on display in my gallery throughout the month of August. A reception will be held Thursday and Friday August 8 and 9. Gallery open weekdays from 10am to 5pm.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Unique Houses and Cottages

This little bridge house in Ambleside England pays no taxes because it uses no land!
"Ambleside Bridge House" 4 x 6 original painting
 In addition to the great castles and manor houses, Great Britain has some very unique smaller houses as well. The little bridge house at Ambleside in the Lake District of England pays no taxes because it is over water. The little crooked house of Windsor appears like it is going to fall any second, but has been around for hundreds of years. I have included here various sketches of other houses as well including some beauties from Cabourg France. Stop by my gallery and take a look at these and many other paintings and drawings from our recent travels.
The crooked house of Windsor. It's amazing it still stands.
"Crooked House of Windsor" 4 x 6 original painting

Sketchbook drawing at Cabourg France

Sketchbook drawing of common gables in France

Sketchbook drawing of Adare Manor cottage

Sketchbook drawing of Adare Carriage House

Monday, July 29, 2013

New Paintings of Thatched Cottages in Ireland

"The Red Gate" Inspired by a thatched cottage in Spiddal Ireland. Original 5 x 8 watercolor
Sketchbook study of a thatched cottage done on location in Spiddal Ireland. this was my inspiration for the painting "the Red Gate"
"Irish street" 4 x 6 original watercolor
I am always intrigued by thatched-roof homes and buildings. In times past, they were used because reeds were readily available. Nowadays, however, it is a mark of wealth to be able to afford thatching. It is a highly-prized skill to have. These two cottages are in Ireland. All my new paintings and sketchbook drawings will be on display starting August 2 at the Roland Lee Gallery in St. George, Utah. Receptions are scheduled for Thursday and Friday August 8 and 9. Stop by when you get a chance.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Paintings and Drawings of Rothenburg Germany

Painting of Rothenburg Germany street scene
8 x 12 watercolor by Roland Lee
I loved painting in the wonderful town of Rothenburg Germany. We stayed at the Eisenhut Hotel in the middle of town. In the early morning I walked the quiet streets as the sun was coming up and sketched in my travel sketchbook. Back in the studio I completed this painting and several others from this historic place. I will have an art show in my gallery featuring about 20 new paintings from this trip from August 2, 2013 until August 31. We'll have a reception Thursday August 8 from 6 to 9pm and again on Friday August 9.
Rothenburg Street Scene Watercolor Painting 5 x 8

Rothenburg Skyline watercolor painting 5 x 8

Sketchbook drawing of Rothenburg Germany tower

Sketchbook drawing of Rothenburg Germany Saint Jacob's Kirche

Sketchbook drawing of Rothenburg Germany tower

Sketchbook drawing of Weiser Turm in Rothenburg Germany

Sketchbook drawing of Rothenburg Germany

Sketchbook drawing of House at Plonlein in Rothenburg Germany

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Back From Europe with a Full Sketchbook

Windsor Street Scene - watercolor 8 x 12
In Windsor England, we stayed in the Castle hotel just across from the Windsor Castle and by this lovely street. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the town as much as I enjoyed the castle itself.
Nellie and I enjoyed our two weeks in Europe and Great Britain but we're just getting over our "jet lag." It was a great trip and I have tons of new drawings and research material for new paintings. I will have an art show featuring the new paintings in my gallery from August 2, 2013 until August 31. We'll have a reception Thursday August 8 from 6 to 9pm and again on Friday August 9. At 7pm each night I will give a short Powerpoint presentation about the trip and how I use on-location plein air drawings and watercolor studies to prepare for finished studio paintings. Stop by if you get a chance. I'd love to see you. Over the next few weeks I will be posting some of my travel sketches and paintings on the blog, featuring England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, and France. So stay tuned.

On-location pencil study of the Windsor Castle in England

Pencil sketch of a Windsor Castle Tower
Pencil sketch of the crooked house of Windsor.
It was across from our hotel