Friday, June 06, 2008

Photos from Holland - Trip's End

Roland Lee sketching along the canals in Giethoorn NetherlandsSketching in Holland's "Green Venice" in the town of Giethoorn.

Canals in Giethoorn HollandWe're back in England after two weeks in Holland and we have internet access again (hooray). After a week in Zeeland, the south Province of Holland, we zigzagged all over the north part of Holland exploring the towns and soaking up the culture. Holland is amazingly beautiful, and is the cleanest country I've ever seen. The tidy farms and well-kept farmhouses are only rivaled by the Amish Farms in Lancaster Pennsylvania -- and they are Dutch too! After dropping Barb and Tricia off at the Deventer Train Station this morning, Nellie and I drove the Picasso rental car back down to Belgium where we got lost in Brussels. From there we caught the Eurostar train under the English Channel for London -- then by train to Horley where we are staying at the Rosemead Guest House. Tommorrow morning we head back to the states from Gatwick Airport. I can't upload photos from here, so I will do that when I get home.

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