Friday, June 13, 2008

A few Holland Sketchbook Drawings - Giethoorn Netherlands

I've decided to start posting a few random drawings from my travel sketchbooks each day. These drawings were done on location in The Netherlands. They are not necessarily designs for paintings, but more of a personal record in word and picture of my own experiences as I travel. Some will undoubtedly end up as painting reference.

Vonder (footbridge) that cross the canals in Giethoorn NetherlandsIn Giethoorn Netherlands, sometimes called Holland's "Green Venice," the houses sit on little islands separated by a series of long narrow canals. Vonders, or footbridges allow residents to get to their houses.

Combination barn and boat house in Giethoorn HollandThe residents of Giethoorn have little canals that serve as driveways to their barns. Of course part of the barns are used as covered boat houses for the family means of transportation.

cook House next to reed thatched roof home in Giethoorn NetherlandsSometimes the homes with thatched reed roofs would have a tiny cook house out to the side which had a little cook stove and tile roof. They say this was much safer than cooking in the main house due to the possibility of the reeds catching fire.

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    Dutch drawings are just amazing:)