Monday, January 19, 2009

Red Desert Wonder New Painting

Roland Lee painting of southern Utah red cliffs

I was inspired to do this painting after a hike last week in the desert foothills of St. George. My favorite time to wander the desert is during the last hour of sunlight when the red cliffs light up with the last rays of the sun.

"Red Desert Wonder" step by step watercolor painting demonstration


  1. Roland: Your talent never ceases to amaze me. I love you and Nellie and your family. Ginny Everett

  2. PS: I often hike the same areas alone as well. Takes my breath away. Ginny

  3. Another beautiful depiction of the redrock country. My husband and I drove up to St. George last Saturday to see the "Century of Sanctuary" show at the St. George Art Museum (which was spectacular) and after a quick trip to Zion we were driving back toward St. George in that same evening light you captured so masterfully here. I saw the tops of the mountain ranges glowing in the intense reds and oranges and now I see how you have tackled and triumphed that vision.

  4. Such radiant color! I obviously need to head down south as I am covered in snow.