Thursday, January 01, 2009

Snowy weekend results in Icy River Painting

Roland lee painting of river in Utah snow

Boy, it's been cold in Utah the past couple of weeks and we've had more than our share of snow. Over the weekend we travelled to Annabella Utah, near Richfield, for a big Holiday party with my kids and grandkids. It was cold, but didn't stop us from enjoying the snow. When I got back to the studio I launched into this painting of a scene along the Fremont River with the sun casting long blue shadows across the snow.

See Step-by-step watercolor painting demonstration on this painting


  1. Lovely painting! Nice to see a bit of warmth in a winter scene.

  2. This is such an exquisite watercolor, I don't even know what to say...the colors in the winter foliage are so warm and balance beautifully with the cool colors in the river and the snow. And I love the way you got the effect of the ice and the reflections. Gorgeous.