Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kreg Harrison Sculpture Brings Back memories of "Simpler Times"

Artist Roland Lee and sculptor Kreg Harrison in Kreg's studio
Kreg Harrison and I in his studio in Santa Clara Utah.

Simpler Times - sculpture by Kreg Harrison in the collection of Roland LeeI'm never happier than when I can acquire a new piece of artwork to add to our collection. Today we consummated a deal with renowned sculptor Kreg Harrison and brought home a wonderful bronze sculpture called "Simpler Times." It depicts Kreg's own grandfather as a young man in Pinto Utah, bringing home a rabbit for the dinner table. His single shot rifle and faithful companion are by his side. When I saw the piece it reminded me of my own son Jonathan who spent his childhood wandering the hills of Dammeron Valley with my old single shot 22 and a Brittany he raised from a pup. Today Jon lives in Annabella Utah where he raises hunting dogs, game birds, and six kids. I will treasure this new sculpture which will always bring back memories of "simpler times."

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