Friday, January 16, 2009

Advanced Watercolor Painting Class

Artist Karen Bettilyon

Artist Shari Cannon

My January watercolor painting class was very special. I enjoyed spending two days with three excellent upper-level artists who pretty much outclassed their teacher in all of their paintings. I did three watercolor demonstration paintings showing watercolor techniques that were common to both desert paintings and snow scenes. Since it was an advanced group we also had the chance to discuss in-depth the specific chemical and physical characteristics of watercolor pigments -- definitely an advanced topic I wouldn't share with less experienced artists.
Artist Gayla FolkmanPhotos: Top - Karen Bettilyon, Above - Shari Cannon, left - Gayla Folkman


  1. It was an awesome class. There is so much to learn and it only comes from brush time. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and being such a willing mentor. Karen

  2. I find watercolor medium a little difficult to work with.. i think i need to attend some art classes to get a hang of this medium. Your art workshop seems really interesting..