Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Roland Lee Featured in Documentary Film on Zion National Park Centennial

Above: Motion Picture producer Phil Tuckett and crew record Lyman Hafen and Deborah Reeder discussing the paintings in the Zion Centennial Art Exhibit at the St. George Art Museum.

Renowned film maker, Phil Tuckett, and an advanced film production class from Dixie State College are producing a new documentary film spotlighting the Centennial of Zion National Park. They interviewed Lyman Hafen and Deborah Reeder at the St. George Art Museum talking about the contemporary Zion paintings currently on display with "A Century of Sanctuary, the Art of Zion National Park." Then Tuckett conducted an on-camera interview with me upstairs in the historic art exhibit, talking about my own experiences painting Zion over the past 30 years. I was uncomfortable about being on camera, but never have trouble talking about Zion National Park. They will film more footage on location in Zion National Park as I conduct a workshop there in November.

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