Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Watercolor Painting of Historic Bloomington Schoolhouse

Roland Lee watercolor painting of old historic Bloomington school house

Historic Bloomington School House
22 x 30 Watercolor by Roland Lee

All that remains of this old school house in Bloomington, Utah is the foundation. But using a few old photos and interviewing some descendents of early teachers, I was able to re-construct this wonderful brick building. The structure was used as both a church and schoolhouse, as well as a community center between 1879 and 1929. I wanted to put life back into the building by adding the figures in the painting. At the doorway is the school teacher greeting a young girl (notice the flower behind her back for the teacher.) Two brothers walk down the lane on their way to another school day. Jeff and Connie Morby, early residents of the modern community of Bloomington, own the land where the foundation sits, and also purchased this painting.

See step by step watercolor painting lesson on this painting


  1. Wow this painting is gorgeous. I have just gone back to watercolour classes again. To make sure I have all my basics right.
    I use to paint in 2003/4 but then lifes hurdles got in the way.
    I am looking for ward to having an area to use as astudio so I can leave stuff out. I think this is the answer to keeping it up.

  2. Rol,

    Check your dates on the use of the schoolhouse.

    Great looking art.