Thursday, October 08, 2009

Eccles Gallery Spotlights Two Local Artists

Photographer Ernesto Perez and his wife Tanya with artist Roland Lee at the Eccles Gallery at Dixie State CollegeThere are lots of opportunities to enjoy the visual arts in St. George. We are blessed with many artists and some wonderful venues to show their work. Currently on display at the Eccles Gallery at Dixie State College is a three-part exhibit featuring photography, watercolors and three dimensional art. I attended an art talk tonight at the gallery and was intrigued with the depth of thought and meaning behind the work on display.

In the west foyer Mexican-born artist/photographer Ernesto Perez presents a series of black and white photos in an exhibit called "Footprints of Humanity." Perez focuses his lens on little seen images that are all around us but probably go unnoticed. It's a fun exhibit.

In the east foyer is an exhibit called "Feminine Archetypes Around The World And Through The Ages," featuring mixed media, three-dimensional depictions of goddess figures by Pamala Bird. Pamala discussed her paper-casting process which takes over 100 hours to complete. Her artwork celebrate womanhood by drawing from historical images used by many cultures over countless years.

Art professor Glen Blakely gave short vignettes on some of the artists featured in the watercolor display from the Dixie State College permanent collection. The exhibit, curated by Kathy Cieslewicz, is a stunning display of work spanning many years.

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