Sunday, October 25, 2009

Art Talk in Richfield Utah

Roland Lee gives an art lecture in Richfield Utah sponsored by Artworks of Sevier and the Staples Art Gallery
I enjoyed traveling to Richfield, UT last Friday night to make a powerpoint presentation about "Art Principals of Painting." My good friend and artist, Lillie Jones made the invitation and the event was sponsored by Artworks of Sevier and the Staples Art Gallery. It was great to meet new artist-friends and get better acquainted with the wonderful artists of the Sevier Valley. I hadn't realized there was such a large group of accomplished artists there.
A large group of artists turned out for the art talk given by Roland Lee in Richfield UT

Rachel Olsen presents gift to Roland Lee at Richfield Art Talk
I was treated royally. President Rachel Olsen, a fine watercolorist, made the introductions and presented me with a decorated box filled with special homemade treats from the area including bread, applesauce, apple butter and salsa, plus beef jerky, farm eggs, and fresh fruit. Now that is a gift I can really get into! Plus Rachel gave me a nice set of her art cards. What a beautiful thoughtful gesture.

Barth Hansen and Roland Lee at the Staples Art Gallery in Elsinore UT
On Saturday I visited the Staples Art Gallery in Elsinore, which is run as a cooperative effort by the artists. The gallery is in a former home, and artwork is carefully displayed in every room. Each month a different artist is featured in the largest display room on a rotating basis. Thanks to artist Barth Hansen for opening the gallery and showing me around.

Thanks to everyone who came to the talk, and especially to those who made such a great effort to organize and publicize the event. I look forward to returning to the Richfield area next year for a two-day watercolor painting workshop.

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