Thursday, September 10, 2009

Plein Air Painting at Thanksgiving Point

Roland Lee uses a Windsor and Newton travel kit for painting outdoors
You really get to know a place when you paint it. I've spent the last three days at Thanksgiving Point Gardens participating in a fun outdoor plein air painting competition. We've had free run of the whole place and I think I know the gardens very well now. I completed four paintings and a number of sketchbook drawings and feel pretty good about the body of work. We turned in our competition pieces tonight and will spend the next couple of days exhibiting and hopefully selling our work.

artist Roland Lee with painting and sketches of waterfall at Thanksgiving Point Plein Air FestivalMany people stopped by while we were painting to watch us work. I did this little sketch of one of the waterfalls and followed it with a watercolor painting. Here I'm holding both together.

Roland Lee watercolor painting of falls at Thanksgiving PointA close-up of the sketch and the plein air watercolor painting.

Outdoor painting setup of Roland LeeI enjoyed this shady spot in the Secret Garden and was intrigued by the way the light crept over the brick wall and danced across the courtyard. I started the painting one morning, and when I came back to finish it the next day, all the benches and pots had been removed. The foibles of plein air painting! I think I captured the feel of the scene anyway.
Roland Lee painting of the Secret GardenThe finished plein air painting, "Secret Garden"

Hanging pots at Thanksgiving Point Gardens
A quick little painting of one of the glorious hanging bouquet baskets lining a footbridge over the creek.

A flower lined creek meanders through the gardens. While I was working on this little painting I spotted a skinny water snake slithering along the surface and watched the frogs scatter.


  1. Anonymous4:29 AM

    Hi Roland,

    I admire ur works a lot. I regularly follow your art tutorials and have been sucessful to a certain extent. Thanks to you for that. These paintings of the garden are really awesome. I loved the hanging bouquet. Hopeing to see more of your works.
    Best Regards,
    Trivita Roy
    (I am Trivita from Hyderabad, India. Painting is my hobby. Otherwise I am a working in a corporate firm.)

  2. I loved watching you paint today at the Thanksgiving Point Plein Air "quick draw competition". Thanks for sharing!!