Friday, September 11, 2009

PLein Air Festival Brings New Collectors

Roland Lee and Katherine Piper at Thanksgiving Point Plein Air FestivalThe two-day Sale portion of the Thanksgiving Point Plein Air Festival began today. I was fortunate to have Katherine Piper purchase my watercolor painting of "The Secret Garden" this morning. She walks daily in the gardens and stopped by yesterday when I was finishing the painting, so she had a chance to see me work on it in person.

Roland Lee at the Quick Draw event during the 2009 Thanksgiving Point Plein Air FestivalA "Quick Draw" event took place in the afternoon. Each artist had 90 minutes to complete a plein air painting, frame it, and submit it for judging. Many people enjoyed watching as the artists worked. Among those who stayed to see me finish my painting was Chris Cameron left, and Di Ann Mott.

Ellie and Emma with artist Roland Lee during the quick draw eventMy grandkids Emma, Ellie, and Josh stopped by to encourage me with a kiss and a hug, before heading off to do painting and sculpture at the Children's art area.

Flowers and Stone painting by Roland LeeThe finished watercolor painting "Flowers and Stone" ready to enter in the competition.

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