Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A Day in the Snow at Zion National Park

Bear in Zion National Park

We had our annual Christmas party of the Zion Natural History Association tonight at Zion Lodge. So Nellie and I went up to Zion early today and drove on up to our cabin on the East Rim. While Zion was mostly dry, when we got up on top we found about six inches of snow which surprised us. The dirt road into our cabin was fresh snow-pack on top of mud from the two days of rain last weekend so it was a slippery mud-slinging ride. We repaired one of the doors on the main cabin and closed everything up for the winter, bringing benches and chairs indoors etc. The sun broke through and sparkled on the pristine blanket of white, and I relished my last visit of the season to my Zion sanctuary.

Picnic in Zion National parkA picnic on our tailgate at East Zion gave no clue to the snow we'd find just a few miles further at our cabin.

Winter 2007 in Zion National ParkJust a skiff of snow here and there and a light dusting on the tops of the cliffs. A few hundred feet higher would be very different

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