Friday, November 30, 2007

A visit from Artist Dan Cross and a mini Watercolor Painting Lesson

watercolor painting of the West Temple in Zion National Park
Dan Cross and I have communicated via email a few times this past year. He is an architect from Des Moines Iowa, who has begun working in watercolor recently. While in Las Vegas for a business conference he decided to take the two-hour drive to St. George and say "hello." In actuality he didn't really drive up just to see me -- he Architect and artist Dan Cross holding Roland Lee's Mukuntuweap bookstopped by my studio on his way to Zion National Park. I happened to be in the middle of a painting of the West Temple in Zion when he arrived. It gave me a chance to give him a mini art lesson on watercolor painting technique.

Above: The finished painting of Zion National Park, "West Temple Autumn."
Left: Artist/architect Dan Cross from Des Moines Iowa visits my studio.

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