Thursday, December 13, 2007

Watercolor Painting Demonstration at Dixie State College -- 2 New Paintings

Watercolor Painting of Desert Study showing negative painting watercolor technique
Painting above: "Desert Study"

Roland Lee watercolor painting of West Temple in Zion National Park
Painting above: "Zion Light West Temple"

I finished up a couple of small studies today and took them with me to give a guest presentation at the art department of Dixie State College. I gave examples of how to plan a painting, and the importance of preparing value studies. We also talked about negative painting techniques and how to use aerial perspective to create depth. I then let them choose one of my value studies and did a painting demonstration for them. Although it was a beginning watercolor class, I was impressed with their level of skill and dedication. Their teacher Mindy Deschamps had been encouraging them to begin with a good value sketch, and I reinforced that message with my painting demonstration.

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