Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Petroglyph Drawings at Parowan Gap

Parown Gap petroglyph drawings by Roland Lee
On my way back from Salt Lake City yesterday I took a wide swing out to Minersville, then down to the Parown Gap to see the petroglyphs. The varnish walls over a large area were chipped out into a myriad of designs by ancient inhabitants of the land, presumably from the Fremont or Southern Paiute cultures. At any rate they were done long before Ute Chief Walker told the Mormon Pioneers the place was called "God's Own House." No one knows for sure the meaning of the inscriptions.Roland Lee sketchbook drawing of Parowan Gap in southern Utah The Parowan Gap was used by early Mormon Pioneer explorers as a route from northern to southern Utah. In 1850 an exploration group discovered the Indian petroglyphs at Parowan Gap and clerk/historian Robert Campbell copied some in his journal.

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