Monday, May 14, 2007

Under the Rim at Bryce Canyon National Park

Thors Hammer at Bryce Canyon Ntional Park sketch book drawing by Roland Lee
Photo of Bryce Canyon National Park by Roland Lee
Roland Lee sketching on Calf Creek

On the way over from Capitol Reef to Bryce Canyon National Park, we took the scenic route around Boulder Mountain, stopping for lunch in the pines, and for a quick dip in Calf Creek where I did a little more sketching. We arrived at Bryce in time to get some day's end photos at Sunset Point and do a little sketching at the overlook. Roland Lee sketching at Sunset Point in Bryce Canyon National ParkWe set up our tent in the Sunset Campground and connected with my brother in law, Professor Robert Eves from Southern Utah University, and their group of about 25 honor students from universities across America. They will be spending a week at Bryce, some having never even camped before.
Photo of Bryce Canyon National Park by Roland Lee
On Saturday morning we introduced the group to Bryce with a stop on the rim, which nearly blew their collective minds. The view is staggering. But they really had wide eyes when we hiked them under the rim into "Wall Street".Honor Students explore Wall Street at Bryce Canyon National Park Although this is one of the most popular trails it was closed due to a massive rockfall sealing off the passage at the bottom. An example of erosion in action. But we scrambled over the rock fall where Dr. Eves and Gale Pollock, two of the most knowledgeable geologists on this area explained what created this amazing land. For me it was one of the best park experiences I've had.


Roland Lee sketch book drawing of Panorama Point at Capitol Reef

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