Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Frederick Dellenbaugh Painting of Zion in 1903

Roland Lee painting of West Temple, Zion National Park, and newly acquired painting by Frederick Dellenbaugh painted in 1903 of Zion National Park area

Above: Lyman Hafen, Executive director of Zion Natural History Association and Leslie Courtright, Curator of Collections at Zion National Park, stand beside the newly acquired painting by Frederick Dellenbaugh. On the wall behind is a painting of Zion by Roland Lee which is also a part of Zion's permanent collection.

The Zion National Park Foundation, of which I am a board member, was able to buy at auction a wonderful historically significant painting by Frederick Dellenbaugh this week. Through a generous donation from the Eccles Foundation we acquired the piece from an art and antique auction in Knoxville Tennessee. We in turn will donate the piece to the permanent collection of Zion National Park. We're especially excited because we are developing an art exhibit for the 100 year anniversary of Zion Park in 2009. The painting, completed about 1903, depicts Zion National Park from the canyon floor about where Springdale is today.

1903 painting by Frederick Dellenbaugh painting of Zion National Park

1903 painting by Frederick Dellenbaugh of Zion National Park

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