Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sketching at Pipe Spring National Monument

Sketchbook drawing of Old homestead at Pipe Spring national MonumentOn the way over to Lake Powell, I took a little side trip to Pipe Spring National Monument and the paiute Museum on the Arizona Strip. It's a wonderful old historic site with people in period costume. It is the location of an early Mormon pioneer settlement called Winsor Castle. Actually it is a stone fort built over the natural spring to protect the settlers from Indian raids. Today the paiutes and the National Park Service work together to run the site.

Sketchbook drawing of Winsor Castle at Pipe Spring national Historic Site

I did several sketches in my travel sketchbook and shot some digital photos for reference. I was thinking about doing a painting here for the 2007 Arts for the Parks National Competition.

Watson-Guptill brand archival sketchbook used by Roland LeeI always use the Watson Guptill hardbound sketchbooks and a 6B or 8B pencil. I have run the sketchbooks through some rough trials carrying them with me in my travels all over the world. They hold together great and the drawings will not smudge because of the hard cover. I had my local art supply store, Passion for Painting Gallery, stock them for me and my students.

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