Saturday, October 14, 2006

First Place Award at Dixie Arts Foundation Event

Watercolor Painting of Vermont, Little Mill House by Roland Lee

Friday was perfectly gorgeous with clear skies and warm sun for the Dixie Arts Foundation's annual Art in the Park Event. They had set up two large pavilion tents for the artists' booths with special lighting so the event could go on into the night. The whole park was festooned with colored ribbons and it was a very festive atmosphere. My painting "Little Mill House" (pictured above) received a First Place ribbon which was presented by Mayor Dan McArthur.

Roland Lee and Mayor Dan McArthur at Dixie ARts Foundation Art in the Park event

Saturday's weather was a totally different story. As the weatherman promised, a huge tropical storm blew in with fury just as we closed up Friday night and pummeled the festival tents all night. We awoke to more of the same this morning which worried us, but by noon blues skies began to dominate, and the day became very pleasant. People were anxious to get outside and by afternoon the park was alive again.

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