Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Top 100 National Arts for the Parks Painting of Valley Forge

Top 100 Arts for the Parks, Watercolor Painting of Washington's Headquarters in Valley Forge by Roland Lee
Last summer we visited some of the historical sites which were significant in our country's birth. I was impressed when we visited Valley Forge Pennsylvania to learn that this house was donated by Isaac Potts for George Washington to use as his headquarters during the war. I envisioned it in the snow and painted it that way back in the studio. This painting was accepted into the Top 100 Mini Arts for the Parks competition this year and will be displayed in Jackson Wyoming from September 2006 through 2007.

Painting of Kolob Canyons in Zion National Park

This painting (below) of the Kolob Canyons section of Zion National Park was selected from over 2000 paintings for the 2006 National Arts for the Parks competition.

Top 200 Arts for the Parks painting of Kolob Canyons by Roland Lee

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