Thursday, February 18, 2010

Artist in Residence Zion National Park

Artists Dennis Farris and Roland Lee in Zion National Park
I enjoyed spending a little time today with artist Dennis Farris, who is working in Zion National Park as the Artist in Residence. He is the first artist to get to stay in the restored Grotto Museum building which now provides housing for the Artist in Residence Program. The Zion National Park Foundation (of which I am a board member) raised funds for the restoration project, so I was pretty excited to meet Dennis and see how he liked his new "digs."I have to admit I'm pretty jealous. Not too many people get to wake up each morning to the sun rising over the massive cliffs of Zion Canyon.
Dennis Farris is the Zion National Park artist in Residence during February 2010The Grotto building makes a wonderful studio. I watch as Dennis works on a small oil painting inside the Grotto "studio." Check out Dennis Farris' blog for day-to-day updates on his Zion Canyon experience. He is truly an amazing painter.

After leaving Dennis at the studio I hiked part way up the Observation Point Overlook Trail to get some photos. The trail was still snow-packed and iced over so it wasn't too safe, but the view across to Angel's Landing was fantastic. I did a few pencil sketches in my travel sketchbook of some of the cliff formations.

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