Thursday, February 11, 2010

On the Beach in San Diego

Artist Roland Lee at the Cabrillo Tide Pools in San Diego

My last few posts consisted of my hikes in the rain and snow. This past week I spent in beautiful San Diego California, and enjoyed sunshine, surf, and sand! What a contrast. I attended the Association for Partners in Public Lands Conference representing Zion Natural History Association and the Zion National Park Foundation. Board members of National Park Partner organizations joined NPS staffers and others as we met to discuss ways to keep the public lands healthy, open, and vital for future generations.

Of course people who enjoy the land can't stay indoors all the time, so we took advantage of the location to visit Cabrillo National Monument and other coastal locations. While the eastern seaboard experienced blizzard conditions, I was frolicking in the surf! What a contrast. As always I hoped to catch a distant glimpse of a whale on its migration run, but after scanning the horizon in vain, I turned my attention to the tiny creatures at my feet.

Sea anemone at the Cabrillo Tide Pools in San Diege
A beautiful Sea Anemone looks for a meal in the Cabrillo Tide Pools

The tide pools are teeming with tiny creatures

A short video clip of the ocean at Cabrillo National Monument

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