Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sketchbook Drawings of Holland

Farmhouse near Holten in HollandHere are a few more sketchbook drawings from the travel sketchbook I kept in the Netherlands. These drawings are from the Overijssel province near the town of Holten.

Cottage at Landal Twenhaarsveld in Overijssel HollandWe stayed a week at the Landal Twenhaarsveld family park near the little town of Holten in Overijssel Netherlands. The little cottages were very nice and the amenities were great. Some of the cottages even had the typical thatched roofs.

farm near Holten in Overijssel NetherlandsBut what I liked best was hiking each morning out in the farms and along the country roads. Even in the country the homes are well-kept, with lovely gardens and thatched roofs.

Farmhouse with tile roof near Holten in Overijssel HollandThe Eigenweg is a little lane that runs behind Landal near Holten. This is a sketch of one of the farmhouses with a typical high-pitched tile roof and Dutch gable. Most of the Dutch tile roofs are dark brown rather than red.

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  1. I love your sketches and watercolor paintings.