Saturday, July 05, 2008

Painting of Windmill in Edam Netherlands

Roland Lee painting of Dutch windmill in Edam NetherlandsAfter visiting the historic seaport town of Volendam north of Amsterdam, we continued on and stopped at Edam, where we fell in love with this little windmill alongside a canal. Most of the windmills in Holland are no longer functioning, and it appeared that this one had been turned into a home with bright red shutters and trim.

Watercolor painting technique used in painting Dutch windmill in HollandThis close-up shows the painting procedure I use on most of my paintings. I begin with a light 2H pencil sketch on the watercolor paper, then use a combination of wet-into-wet and drybrush as I build up the values from light to dark. Notice how I leave the white of the paper where the highlights will be in the finished painting.

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