Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Keeping a Sketchbook on the Old Mormon Trail

Nellie and I are on a two-week tour with the Sons of Utah Pioneers historical group re-tracing the route of the pioneers on the Old Mormon Trail. The trip has special significance for me since many of my own ancestors made this journey. Their struggles are chronicled in their journals, and as I visit the places I am amazed at their perserverance and faith. I am sketching each day and will posts some of the drawings as I can. Here are a few photos of Nellie and I on the trail.

Nellie and a couple of ladies in our group tried their hand at pulling a handcart for a couple of miles into Martin's Cove in Wyoming. Already tired and the handcart is empty!

My fourth great grandma and grandpa were among those listed on this memorial to the Willie and Martin handcart company in Martin's Cove Wyoming.

Nellie and I stand at a monument to the Mormon handcart pioneers at the LDS visitors center at Winter Quarters Nebraska.

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