Saturday, February 17, 2007

Kayenta Art Festival at Coyote Gulch

Roland Lee painting on location at the 2007 Kayenta Art Festival
What a gorgeous southern Utah day it was today! I was invited to join a few other artists to demonstrate painting at the huge Kayenta Art Festival. The setting is absolutely spectacular with the red Kayenta cliffs rising in the background and surrounded by natural desert vegetation. As the desert sun rose, so did the temperatures, reaching into the high 60's. Other than a little sunburn I enjoyed the day working on a watercolor and chatting with festival attendees and the other artists. Those painting together in the Xetava Gardens included Sam Lawlor, Ben Patten, Bonnie Conrad, Ron Larson and me.

Photo of The 2007 Kayenta Art FestivalThe annual Kayenta Art Festival is the fundraiser and sole support for the Xetava Desert Arboretum, a garden formed of native desert plants beautifully laid out and carefully tagged - giving visitors the opportunity to become familiar with desert flora. Nearly 100 artists participated this year. Those of us painting on location each donated a piece for the silent auction, with proceeds to benefit the Xetava Desert Arboretum.

Sam Lawlor painting at the Kayenta Art FestivalSam Lawlor worked on a couple of oils, while chatting with artist Larry Bees.

Bonnie Conrad painting at the Kayenta Art FestivalBonnie Conrad finished up a painting of a young Native American girl and had enough time to start another nice painting.

Artist Ron Larson with show organizers Barbara Aikens and Cherie StoddardArtist Ron Larson with show organizers Barbara Aikens and Cherie Stoddard.

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