Sunday, March 06, 2011

College Art Tour of California Museums

The blossoms were in bloom at the Huntington Gardens

Nellie and I were fortunate to be invited to accompany a Dixie State College bus tour to California this week. It always charges up the juices to see fantastic art pieces up close and share the experience with other art appreciators. We visited the Getty museum, LA Art Museum, Getty Villa in Malibu, The Norton Simon museum in Pasadena, The Huntington Library and Gardens, and had a little time for the beach. My overall favorite place is the new Getty Art Museum in Los Angeles. The edifice itself and gardens are stunning by themselves. I always spend the first hour outside just enjoying the sheer design magnificence of the architecture and water feature. From every angle it is a design wonder, juxtaposing hard edges with amorphic natural shapes, with emphasis on the element of texture. And of course the art inside is fabulous indeed.

The recently completed Chinese Garden at the Huntington

Seeing the original artwork up-close is really a treat. Nellie rests her feet while some pretty famous paintings keep an eye on her.

I loved the striking contrast of hard edges and soft graceful curves at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles

The Roman gardens at the Getty Villa in Malibu

My long-time friend and art professor at Dixie State College, Glen Blakely, has introduced thousands of students and community people to the world of art, through his guided trips to Europe, Los Angeles and San Francisco museums.

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  1. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Glen Blakely is a great teacher, mentor and friend. His love of art and sharing it with so many of us speaks volumes. I am honored to have several of his pieces in my home. Roland Lee is an exceptional artist and brings nature to life on canvas.