Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thoughts on Turning 60

Well I finally reached the pinnacle of my life. Yep, I turned 60. Of course, just when I thought I would start getting senior discounts, they pushed the "real" senior demarcation line up to age 62. Oh well, I don't really feel much older than 59anyway. In an effort to make me feel a little better, my kids and grandkids threw a fun birthday bash over the weekend at my son Jon's home near Richfield Utah.

Roland Lee and grandkids

One of the funnest gifts was a wonderful "Tribute to Grandpa" book with thoughts and pictures from everybody about their experiences with me over the years. My grandkids and I read it together over and over.

A group hug for Grandpa Lee. The best part of the party was getting to see most of my cute grandkids and spend time with them. I'll have all of them with us over Easter weekend when Jana and her family come up from Houston.

Roland Lee bass fishing on Lake Powell

Jon and his friend Russ invited me on a bass fishing trip to Lake Powell, and I figured I deserved a little vacation for my birthday. The weather was great, and even though the water is still too cold, we caught some nice fish, and I caught some z's in the afternoon sun. Ahhh, what a great birthday.

Jon and Travis Lee at Lake Powell

My grandson Travis and his friend Hayden tagged along on our fishing trip and both caught some nice fish. My son Jon holds the bass in this picture.


  1. Great fish! Happy birthday! 60 isn't really that bad...think of all the paintings you can paint between now and 110!


  2. Can't wait to see you! We love you.