Monday, November 17, 2008

English Cottage Lane Watercolor Painting

Cottage Lane, painting of EnglandThis little painting came on the tail end of the paintings for my England and Europe one man show at Mission Gallery. I shot several photos during the process and finally got time to post them. This is a little lane in England.

cottae Lane England Painting step 1After doing a quick outline sketch on the watercolor paper I begin with some very broad washes, wet-into-wet, allowing the pigments to blend freely from warm at the top to cool in the shadow areas.

Cottage Lane Step 2With the underglazes in place and dry, I begin painting the dark areas on the cottages and the distant trees.

Cottage Lane Step 3Next to the finished painting is the original photo I used as reference. Obviously I always use a lot of artistic license in my paintings. Remember my role as an artist is not to duplicate a photo, but to create a new image based on my own personal experiences.

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  1. I love this cottage water color. I would love to post it along with your blog
    on my blog if it's okay?