Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Watercolor Painting Workshop

I just finished up teaching a watercolor painting workshop with a great group of fellow artists. I love getting to know artists from many parts of the country and seeing the wide variety of styles they use. this class included: Dan Ludwig from New Mexico; Janice Jones from Heber, Utah; Stanley Cyr from Minnesota; John Iverson from St. George, Utah; Peggy Peterson, Joanne Johansen, Diane Taterka and Barb Worley all from Mesquite, Nevada.

Watercolor Painting Workshop by Roland Lee at A Passion for Painting Gallery in St. George, Utah

Roland Lee Watercolor painting of utah SnowJanice Jones purchased this painting of a Utah snowfall during the watercolor painting workshop. I used the painting as an example while demonstrating how to paint snow in watercolor as part of the watercolor workshop.

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