Tuesday, April 23, 2019

St. George Art Festival 2019

This was the 40th year for the St. George Art Festival and I have been in all of them since the very first one, except for two when we were serving a mission in California. That's a lot of shows! Our old bones were feeling it this year as we hauled paintings, set up display panels and tent, and dodged the hot sun all day. Thanks to our friend Janelle Gailey, and our kids and grandkids who helped a lot. It was nice to touch base with lots of old friends, fellow artists, and wonderful art collectors. I was able to sell all the Mukuntuweap books I brought, art cards, DVDs, giclee prints, and four originals! If that wasn't enough The St. George Art Museum purchased a big Zion painting for their permanent collection. Thanks to everyone who made this show a success.
St. George Art Festival  - Nellie and Roland Lee

My good friend and artist Wally Brazzeal

Roland Lee with Deborah Reeder from the St. George Art Museum and Shane McAffee, Liesure Services Director after purchasing my painting "A Time of Peace" for the Museum permanent collection

Roland Lee with former liesure services director Kent Perkins and Lyman Hafen

Annielaurie Howell and Roland Lee with her new painting

Lola Krumenacher with her new Roland Lee painting

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Modena Crossing Watercolor by Roland Lee

"Modena Crossing" 10 x 14 Watercolor by Roland Lee
The trains still run through, but this once-bustling southern Utah railroad town is now a ghost town.

Master class artists for April

Jon Lee shows off his painting of desert cliffs

Artist left to right: Margo Cook, Bessann Swanson, Jon Lee, Roland Lee, Connie Madsen

Thursday, April 04, 2019

Lester Lee Workshop in St. George

We're enjoying a few days with artist Lester Lee in St. George at the Arrowhead Gallery classroom. In case you are wondering, yes we are distant cousins, although we didn't know that for a long time. He is accomplished in all mediums and has a wealth of knowledge as a teacher, so its been a blast. He's trying to help us loosen up with our watercolors, and I'm eager to try it. I lusted after one of his big watercolor paintings at the recent Sears Invitational but it got away from me. I mentioned that to him, and he said, "well I have the small study I did for it with me, would you like to have it?" Oh yeh, so I'm a happy boy now.

Here's the full sheet Lester Lee watercolor painting that sold at the Sears Invitational

This is Lester Lee's 8 x 10 watercolor study which I now own.