Sunday, May 25, 2008

You want Pictures of Windmills?

Windmill in St. Annaland Zeeland

They call them Molen in the Netherlands, and they are pretty much everywhere. Most are out of use but treasured nonetheless. Today the huge modern propeller windmills seem to have taken over the actual work and changed the skyline as well. The photo above is of a windmill in St. Annaland in Zeeland.

photo of Tholen Windmillthis windmill is in the town of Tholen where we are staying. These things are a lot bigger than you think.

Windmill at Oud VossemeerThis pretty Windmill at Oud Vossemeer really stands out above the rooftops.

St. Maartensdijk windmill molen in Zeeland HollandThis is my favorite windmill over in St. Maartensdijk Zeeland. I'm going to go back and study it a little more so I can paint it.

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