Saturday, May 24, 2008

Driving a Picasso to see the Dutch Masters

Roland Lee at Atelier 28 in Tholen Zeeland NetherlandsYes, we are in fact driving a Citroen Picasso in Holland. It should have probably been a Van Gogh, but oh well. We are now in Tholen, Zeeland, Netherlands staying in "The Waterfront" a wonderful B&B right on the the bay in the town of Tholen. We strolled through the old town today stopping at a couple of great art galleries. At Atelier 28 we met modern "Dutch Masters" Francesco Antonietti and Andrea Cook. Neither are native Dutch, be we enjoyed talking art and purchased one of Francesco's beautiful original hand etchings of a windmill. Citroen PicassoInspired by the place we went windmill hunting and I shot photos of four different kinds of windmills trying to study their structure. Of course you will be seeing some windmills in my paintings soon!

Above: Our very own Picasso! Below: Artist Andrea Cook of Atelier 28 poses with Nellie in the studio where we purchased an etching by Francesco Antonietti.
Artist Andrea Cook of the Atelier 28 Art Gallery in Tholen Zeeland Netherlands

Tech bike in NetherlandsLeft: I just had to include this photo of a "Tech Bike" parked outside of a tiny computer store in Tholen. Everyone rides bikes here but this was the most "high tech." (Click on photo to see all the features)

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  1. I love seeing your work and reading of all your experiences. My focus is on my girls right now, but I hope some day I can get into one of your classes and learn something from your amazing technique.THANKS for letting me take a peek. I just started a blog for the few paintings I've done -