Monday, September 25, 2006

Painting the Landscape in Watercolor

September 2006 Roland Lee Watercolor Painting workshop participants

September 2006 Roland Lee Watercolor Painting Workshop Participants: Barbara Hunter, Lola Krummenacher, Mary Beth Anderson, Carolyn Ostler, Tyler Nelson, Gevene Savala, Carrie Ruppe, and Lindy Bryant.

I always enjoy getting together with other artists to paint. One of the best ways to get that started is to teach a painting workshop. It's a wonderful place to share ideas, thoughts, and techniques with people who have the same addiction to the art of making pictures. Below is a photo of the demonstration painting I started in class along with the value study sketch I used to plan the painting.

Watercolor Painting demonstration by Roland Lee

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  1. Roland,
    Your classes are fun and inspiring!
    Thank you so much!!! I really enjoy reading your thoughts and seeing your latest art on your "blogs" and web pages. You motivate me to keep painting. Keep up the great work and never stop teaching. Thanks again, your student from Vernal :)