Saturday, September 16, 2006

Finding the Models and the Pioneer Clothing

The Schweitzer Family in pioneer clothing during photo shoot
Today I stopped by and visited a good friend and fellow artist, Sam Lawlor, to get some tips for the library mural project. He is one of the finest artists I know when it comes to the figure and has a lot of experience painting historical scenes. After showing him my rough sketches Sam gave me free reign to use his period costume collection. I left with a big bag of clothing and went right to work.

We know a beautiful young family that lives across the street, the Schweitzers, and they readily agreed to be my models for an afternoon photo shoot. In about an hour I knew I had enough material to help me not only on this painting but several others as well. The kids were fabulous and couldn't have been more perfect.

Here's one of the shots. I think they look wonderful!

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