Sunday, June 25, 2017

Paintings Sold at Maynard Dixon Campout

In spite of the high temperatures and dusky skies from the Brian Head fire, the Maynard Dixon Campout turned out great. We saw some great demonstrations and painted shoulder to shoulder with some terrific plein air artists. I was happy to meet several new collectors including Don Freitas and Darci Quane who purchased two paintings, "Don't Fence Me In," and "Vermillion Cliffs"  and Lucy and Eric Esplin who purchased a plein air piece called "Up the Muddy."
Roland Lee and Lucy Esplin at the Maynard Dixon Campout

Roland Lee plein air paintings at the 2017 Maynard Dixon campout

Roland Lee with Darci Quane and Don Freitas at the Maynard Dixon Campout. They purchased "Don't Fence Me in."

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